Getting Started

Welcome to the Madison Sweet Potato Project!  We are just getting started with this project here in Madison and are basing this off a successful sweet potato project in Kansas CIty – details here.

You can follow all the happenings as we move forward on this project by liking us on Facebook SweetPotatoProjectMadison and following us on Twitter @SPPMadison

Over the next few months, we will be working with several organizations to setup sweet potato growing classes, figure out all the ordering and distribution details, and working to make this all happen. Thanks for checking us out!


6 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Sallee says:

    He do we find out about the classes or training on how to grow sweet potatoes here in Wisconsin? When and where will they be?

  2. wiscoDude says:

    Hi Sallee, we will publish the schedule for classes later this winter. We’ll email everyone who has signed up and will post the schedule on Facebook and our website. The dates are being confirmed right now. Thanks for asking!


    I think this is a super idea. With your help our sweet potatoes (hopefully) will do great.
    How does the weather affect them. when and how much watering to they take?

    • wiscoDude says:

      Hi Ellen,

      Our experts will be providing those answers, and more, at the classes that will be held this spring. We’ll have a schedule up relatively soon and will be contacting everyone via email who signed up to grow. Thanks for signing up!

  4. Kelly says:

    Any chance the classes on how to grow will be open to others too? I tried growing last year with sad results, and live outside the Madison area. I’d be willing to pay a fee for a chance to learn…..and maybe expand this program to another town?

    • wiscoDude says:

      Hi Kelly, how far from Madison do you live? We have people participating from the 5 county metro area. In any case, I don’t think it’d be any problem for you to sit in on a class.

      We’ll be publishing that schedule later this winter.

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