Harvesting Soon

Most of our Beauregard sweet potato plants have reached the 100-day mark in their growing season so it’s time to consider harvesting procedures:

  • Due to the shorter growing season in our region, allow the plants to mature as long as possible before harvest.
  • Harvest should occur shortly before or directly after the first frost kills the vines. Roots continue to grow until vine die-off and are only susceptible when soil temperatures drop below 50 degrees; use a soil or meat thermometer to check.
  • After vine die-off, immediately remove the top growth to prevent decay from spreading the roots.
  • Dig about 1-2 feet from the base of the plant with a spade/pitch fork or shovel to uncover the your delicious, nutritious treasure.
  • Take care not to damage the roots as sweet potatoes lack the thick, protective layer like standard potato tubers. Sweet potatoes need to undergo the curing process to develop a thicker skin.
  • Resist temptation to clean the sweet potatoes before drying & curing as they may be damaged and become infected.

Watch for an updates soon about curing and donating ½ of your harvest!


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