We are working to get the Dane County community planting, harvesting, and donating sweet potatoes to local food pantries.

The Dane County Sweet Potato Project was started in 2013 by a partnership between Dane County Extension, Slow Food Madison, Community Action Coalition and Equinox Community Farm . The project started by focusing on the Madison area, but this year we are widening our scope to include all of Dane County. Since the project started, hundreds of local gardeners and farmers have grown over 5,000 lbs. of sweet potatoes that were donated to local food pantries in the Madison area.

This project is a way to engage the entire Dane County community in hunger related issues in our area. After an educational lesson on how to grow sweet potatoes, each participant is given sweet potato slips to grow in their own garden. In the fall, when the sweet potatoes are harvested, we urge participants to donate half of their harvest to local food panties in Dane County. Our main goals for this project will be to educate residents to supplement their food budgets with a vegetable garden as well as increase healthy food access for those in low-income situations. Sweet potatoes are a great option for this project because they are a beautiful plant and a very nutritious vegetable. If they are properly cured, they can last a year without refrigeration, making them very ideal for food pantries.

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Alissa Schmitz
Dane County UW-Extension AmeriCorps Vista